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Replacement Laptop Batteries
Product Code:
14.8 V
269.92 x 48.00 x 21.00 mm
Original Capacity:
4400 mAh
Cell Info
Product Code Chemistry Capacity Rate Weight(g) Cell
CL2538B.815 Li-ion 5200 mAh 77 Wh 420.6 YLE
CL2538B.806 Li-ion 5200 mAh 77 Wh 420.6 LG/Samsung
CL2538B.083 Li-ion 4400 mAh 65 Wh 396.5 YLE
CL2538B.082 Li-ion 4600 mAh 68 Wh 407 Panasonic
Brand: ASUS
Series: --
15-100360301 90-N951B1000 90-N951B1100
90-N951B1200 90-N998B1200 A42-M6
Fit Models
Laptop Batteries
Brand: ASUS
Series: --
M6 Series M6000 M6000A
M6000C M6000N M6000R
M6000V M67 M6700
M6700A M6700C M6700N
M6700R M6700V M6706
M6722 M6742 M6762
M67N M68 M6800
M6800A M6800N M6802N
M6806N M6822N M6842N
M6862N M68A M68C
M68N M68R M68V
M6A M6B00N M6C
M6N M6Ne M6R
M6V M6Va
Standard Packaging
Short Code: C04
Dimensions: 355 x 117 x 46 mm
Packing Code: A01-B01-C04
Packing Method
Brown Carton Box
Short Code: C04
Dimensions: 355 x 117 x 46 mm
Capacity: 1 pc battery
Inner Carton Box (MOQ)
Short Code: B01
Dimensions: 365 x 24 x 127 mm
Capacity: 10 x C04
Export Carton Box
Short Code: A01
Dimensions: 382 x 272 x 260 mm
Capacity: 2 x B01
1 Export Carton Total: 20 x C04

* Photos are for reference only.
* Will use inner pads to hold the battery packs in position, prevent them from crashing inside clamshells.