Digital Camera Batteries
Replacement Digital Camera Batteries
Product Code:
3.7 V
44.87 x 32.17 x 7.96 mm
Original Capacity:
1120 mAh
Note: All our Digital Camera and Camcorder battery casings are made with flame-retardant UL 94 V0 plastic materials.
Cell Info
Product Code Chemistry Capacity Rate Weight(g) Cell
PL56G.734 Li-ion 1120 mAh 4.1 Wh 26 YLE
Brand: CANON
Series: --
Fit Models
Digital Camera Batteries
Brand: CANON
Series: --
Digital IXUS 800 IS Digital IXUS 850 IS Digital IXUS 860 IS
Digital IXUS 870 IS Digital IXUS 90 IS Digital IXUS 900 Ti
Digital IXUS 950 IS Digital IXUS 960 IS Digital IXUS 970 IS
Digital IXUS 980 IS Digital IXUS 990 IS IXY 830 IS
IXY DIGITAL 830 IS IXY Digital 1000 IXY Digital 2000 IS
IXY Digital 3000 IS IXY Digital 800 IS IXY Digital 810 IS
IXY Digital 820 IS IXY Digital 900 IS IXY Digital 910 IS
IXY Digital 920 IS IXY Digital 95 IS PowerShot S100
PowerShot S100V PowerShot S110 PowerShot SD700 IS
PowerShot SD790 IS PowerShot SD800 IS PowerShot SD850 IS
PowerShot SD870 IS PowerShot SD880 IS PowerShot SD890 IS
PowerShot SD900 PowerShot SD950 IS PowerShot SD970 IS
PowerShot SD990 IS PowerShot SX200 IS PowerShot SX210 IS
PowerShot SX220 HS PowerShot SX230 HS
Standard Packaging
Short Code: D03
Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 11 mm
Packing Code: A03-B03-D03
Packing Method
White Box
Short Code: D03
Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 11 mm
Capacity: 1 pc battery
Inner Carton Box (MOQ)
Short Code: B03
Dimensions: 170 x 100 x 90 mm
Capacity: 32 x D03
Export Carton Box
Short Code: A03
Dimensions: 315 x 195 x 195 mm
Capacity: 6 x B03
1 Export Carton Total: 192 x D03

* Photos are for reference only.
* Will use inner pads to hold the battery packs in position, prevent them from crashing inside clamshells.